Out of Seat

May 26, 2009

I must confess that I have not been good at real time updates about my recovery, or for that matter, any updates about my recovery. My excuse is that I have been very busy recovering. In addition to trying to earn a living, I have been attending multiple physical therapy sessions per week, various doctors appointments, oh, and then there’s being a husband and father to two boys.

Anyway, as this blog is mostly about wheelchair use I feel it only fair to announce that I no longer have it. The rental company collected it today!

To cut a long story short, here are the main milestones of my progression to out-of-seat status:

3/18: Started physical therapy on right foot (left leg still in cast)
3/25: Wore shoe on right foot for 1st time and used to lightly propel myself in wheelchair
4/08: Left cast removed. Given two giant braces to wear on each leg. Left brace has three wedges to raise my heel to accommodate shortened Achilles tendon. Told to ramp up to full weight bearing over two weeks. Took 1st full body bath since accident
4/09: Walked for 1st time with assistance of physical therapist and walking frame. Freakin’ weird! I’m taller than her and never knew it. Oh is it good to be vertical!
Next two weeks: Walked for 10 minutes, three times per day with a walker or crutches
5/06: Given permission to transition to regular shoes on my right leg. Already reduced wedges on left brace to two. Not using walker or crutches any more.

Since then I have only used my wheelchair at the end of the day when I’m exhausted and cannot tolerate the brace any more and in the last two weeks I have not used it at all.

So it was that I said goodbye to my trusty wheelchair today. I must say that I have become somewhat attached to it over these months.

I will be following this post with a summary of the things I discovered while living in a wheelchair.


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